Ada Rocks – The Arrival

At the end of a long lasting passage we finally arrived. We were looking forward spending time on our beloved beach again, the nights in our data-center in the basement or at the All-Inn together with Mr. Julian well known for being the only owl in this area wearing sunglasses even at night. Last but not least our teacher Ms. Amanda at Heiljsberg Junior High an elite school for talented young people.

Ada Rocks ain’t that big but it’s all about being great. So we are.

We arrived, subscribed immediately and had to take an acceptance test.

Later we ad a chat with the one other kid around. We are great at networking and …

‘That’s it. 3 points out of 2k and these 3 points together’, Mr. Allen a very prominent developer in the area of debugging shook his head and said, ‘Guys. Even if I wanted tom, there is almost nothing I can do for you’.

So we took a rest in the lounge and called mommy. In the meanwhile I listend to Metric. Mommy called our uncle Larry. Uncle Larry, the mayor of Ada Rocks and head of Package County, called the director and the director had a long talk with Mr. Allen. As a result of this peer review ours improved by almost 100%. In particular Hippy’s addiction for fashion, make up and loving to look out for discounts finally made the difference. That’s great. Suns and daughters of Al-Khwarizmi welcome to the future. Finally life’s all about connections.

Mr. Allen handed us over two sharp caps themed with glittering moons and stars and a credit card. Disco, disco here we go.

We are part of a special program now. RAD. A program you can never quit from once you got addicted.

We arrived at the class room. Ms. Amanda gave us a warm welcome. Only the dunce bench was left empty. That’s it for now and no problem at all for this season.

A dark room in the basement of the school with only one desk but well equipped with amazing computer and electronic devices of all kind is the place where we will get the best education possible.

We waved to Mr. Julian a wise owl sitting on top of the blackboard.

We enriched the whole scenery with cabbage and carrots taken from our beloved snack box, installed a make up table with a huge mirror in the corner, a dead litter box and started the only app available on these machines – the Delphi personality in particular. That’s what we call a studio.

Hippy immediately started to make the IDE up with the help of Rodrigo’s IDE Colorizer and IDE Theme Editor straight taken from his product line The Road To Delphi.

Mrs. Ford flew in from Texas and taught some lessons. I listend with interst to her statements concerning building top notch reports with excellence. Is this really what life is all about. I could not help falling asleep.

The bell rang.

We went/hopped home from school. Hippy whispered, ‘Hoppy. I cannot help thinking that there is a conspiracy going on’. ‘Hippy I know’, I answered, ‘They want to shun us. Grin and bear it. Let them believe they had won’.

Let’s have a look at what will happen. Anyway. Time to go home, have some meal and enjoy a nice afternoon at the our beloved beach.

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